Eating Whole30 at Walt Disney World

I am super excited to share with y’all that you can absolutely be on your Whole30 journey if you are relying on the sit-down restaurants in The Most Magical Place on Earth!

Here are the highlights of this post:

  1. Which “emergency snacks” I packed for my 3-day trip to WDW.
  2. What I shared with the Cast Members about my Whole30 dietary restrictions and their recommendations.
  3. What I ended up ordering from each of the restaurants below, as well as what the original non-Whole30 compliant plate entailed.


  • Le Cellier Steakhouse (Canada Pavilion)
  • Teppan Edo (Japan Pavilion)
  • Coral Reef Restaurant
  • Chefs de France (France Pavilion)


  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
       ALL PARKS
  • This one is to all of my Starbucks lovers!

Coming from someone that has NEVER asked a waiter to change anything on how my food is prepared, this type of conversation was new to me. I learned to never underestimate people in the food and hospitality industry–they are extremely experienced when it comes to accommodating different dietary needs and they are here to help you! But more importantly, always be grateful and kind!

Finally, all Disney menus have a little message stating that they are happy to accommodate dietary needs. In fact, in Disney’s “Special Dietary Requests” webpage, it states that for sit-down restaurants, you can “Inform the server of any restrictions upon your arrival. You have the opportunity to consult with a chef or special diets-trained Cast Member if desired.”

Whole30 Emergency Snacks

I wanted to make sure I was prepared and had a couple of items in my purse everyday. However, I ended up eating less than half of what I brought with me: I ate 2 bag of mixed raw nuts with organic dehydrated apples, 2 meat sticks, the RX nut butter and the powder collagen peptide for my coffee.

Le Cellier Steakhouse (EPCOT)

The first question you will get asked when you sit down at a Disney restaurant is whether or not you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. Instead of giving her a whole description of what Whole30 is, I just shared with the Cast Member that I cannot eat any sugar, dairy, grains and no butter on any of my food and asked her if she would help me put together a plate.

She wrote down some notes and happily assured me that no butter was going to touch any of my food. She gave me a few protein, veggie and starch options and asked if I preferred if no bread was brought to the table (Disney! can you be any more amazing!?)

Original Dish Description: “Filet mignon, mushroom risotto, asparagus-tomato relish, truffle-butter sauce.”

What I ate:

  • Protein: Filet mignon (olive oil, salt and pepper)
  • Veggies: String beans, cherry tomatoes and small pieces of asparagus as garnish (olive oil, salt, fresh garlic)
Other items suggested by the Cast Member:
  • Protein: Pretty much any of the steaks they had available on the menu could be cooked with olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • Veggies: Besides string beans, I was also offered broccoli.

Teppan Edo (EPCOT)

Teppan Edo is a super fun dining experience as it is a Hibachi House! Once you arrive, you check-in at the bottom of the stairs and they ask you right then about your dietary restrictions and allergies. I shared my restrictions and she typed it into the computer.

Once seated, when they where taking our orders, the Cast Member who did our Hibachi as well as another Cast Member who seemed to be her Leader shared with me the items that I should not eat from the Hibachi package such as udon, rice and sauces, and just offered to give me more veggies instead.

Since butter is added to the udon, the Cast Member looked my portion of the veggies and shrimp separately and before the butter was added to other people’s meals in order to avoid it ever touching my food. I did not ask for this but she was so kind and attentive that she kept assuring me that no butter was going to touch my food.

Original Dish Description: “Hibachi–Shrimp with garden salad, vegetables with udon noodles and steamed white rice.”

What I ate:

  • Protein: Shrimp (olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh lemon)
  • Veggies: Garden salad (no dressing), cooked vegetables (olive oil, salt and pepper)
Other items suggested by the Cast Member:
  • Protein: Any protein (steak, chicken, shrimp) can be cooked with olive oil.

Coral Reef Restaurant (EPCOT)

Coral Reef has got to be one of my favorite restaurants! Not only is their seafood delicious, but they also they have an aquarium wall of a living coral reef if a ton of exotic sea animals! I spy a baby shark doo doo doo doo doo.

I knew exactly what I wanted to order here (with some substitutions of course!) because I love their seared Mahi Mahi.

Original Dish Description: “Seared Mahi Mahi with Jasmine Rice, Coconut and Cilantro-Lime Sauce, Caribbean Shrimp Salsa.”

What I ate:

  • Protein: Seared Mahi Mahi (olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh lemon)
  • Veggies: Steamed brocoli.
  • Salsa: Caribbean shrimp salsa. The only ingredients were shrimp, mango, onions, olive oil and I added lemon.
Other items suggested by the Cast Member:
  • Protein: Any protein (fish, chicken, steak) can be cooked with olive oil.
  • Veggies: They also have a vegetable skewer with an eggplant salad. Skip the rice.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant (Magic Kingdom)

So our table was facing the back of the Tramp and the whole time I thought it was the Sid from Ice Age. LOL. Like how does that even make sense?

What I ate:

  • Protein: Grilled chicken breast (olive oil, salt, pepper)
  • Veggies: Local vegetables (steamed, zucchini was cooked with olive oil, salt and pepper). DO NOT PANIC–I DID NOT EAT THE PEAS!!!
Other items suggested by the Cast Member:
  • Protein: Any protein (jumbo shrimp, chicken, steak, fish of the day) can be cooked with olive oil.
  • Veggies: Their selection of local veggies were excellent!

Les Chefs de France

Chefs de France is one of my favorite EPCOT restaurants, but it was one with the least amount of Whole30 options because everything has butter! However, after the Cast Member reached out to the Chef, she or he was able to offer me the following delicious dish.

What I ate:

  • Protein: Seared salmon (olive oil, salt, pepper)
  • Veggies: String beans and broccolini (steamed)
  • Side Dip: This dip was AMAZING! The chef prepared it with olive oil and fresh herbs!
Other items suggested by the Cast Member:
  • Protein: Pretty much just salmon. Everything else touches butter.
  • Veggies/Starch: Broccoli and steamed potatoes were also an option!
After Whole30, I am coming back for my favorite: the French Onion Soup! It is generous in size, topped with Gruyère Cheese and SO GOOD!!!

For all my Starbucks Lovers!

Here are my favorite Whole30 compliant drinks from Starbucks:

  • Iced Coffee without “Classic Syrup” (aka sweetener)
  • Cold Brew
  • Iced Americano
  • Teas: Earl Grey, White, Black and Green with NO sweetener (Be careful with the other flavored teas as they are not always infusions from tea bags but juice plus white/green/black tea!)
  • Stay away from their dairy substitutes! I asked to see which ones they used for coconut milk and it has 8g of sugar and a long paragraph of ingredients!
  • To dissolve the Collagen Peptides without clumps, ask for a tiny cup half way filled with hot water so you can mix it before putting it into your iced coffee.
  • Great place to get bananas!!! Just make sure you eat it with your nut butter.
  • STAY HYDRATED–Get that super filtered Venti 2 pumps of Hydrogen and 1 pump of Oxygen!!!

Thank you for spending some time with me and I would love to hear about your Whole30 travel tips!!!


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