La La Land Kind Cafe (Dallas, TX)

On March 25, 2019, Lower Greenville welcomed this gorgeous coffee house with a purpose. Located on 5626 Bell Avenue, La La Land Kind Cafe serves 100% organic coffee, but most importantly, its mission is to employ foster youth who have turned 18, and thus have “aged out” of foster care. What an amazing and respectable cause!

I just LOVE their signature yellow. As you enter, expect to be greeted with TOP-NOTCH service! We tried a couple of the items on their menu and everything was DELICIOUS (more details below). This is a MUST if you are in Dallas.

Let’s talk about the space and the food/drinks!

The Space

As you enter the coffee house, you will feel so much hospitality. It has such a homey feeling and so many sun-kissed areas due to the windows and white crisp decor.

There are a couple of swing chairs on the porch and the back exit leads you to the back patio with more seating.

Can’t wait to come back and hang out in the patio when it gets warmer!

Oh! and did I mention there is a “Dog Parking” area!?

Let's Talk Food & Drinks!

We wanted to try EVERYTHING! But decided on the la la avocado toast, breakfast empanadas, and the la la cookie!

How cute are the boxes for the toasts!?

I don’t know where they get the sourdough break for their avocado toast but I could probably eat a whole loaf.

This COOKIE!!! It was like eating a chocolate chip and cookie dough cookie!

I LOVE the fact that they offer Matcha drinks for those who do not like coffee (can’t relate!).

I did not try the classics (espresso, house coffee, cold brew) because I was mesmerized by the signature drinks.

My sister and I couldn’t decide so we ended up getting a campfire latte, a thin mint matcha (for my sister), and a thin mint latte. The campfire latte is topped with a melted/burned marshmallow and drinking it without the sippy lid was heavenly.

The matcha was delicious and so creamy! Since they use an electric whisker, the matcha comes out frothy with no clumps!

I just LOVE La La Land Kind Cafe’s purpose and for bringing happiness to our Dallas community one cup of joe (or matcha!) at a time!

Thank you for spending time with me!

When in doubt… just get BOTH!


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