Tea at TASCHEN (The Joule Hotel in Dallas, TX)

Tea at TASCHEN is an exquisite 90+ minute afternoon tea experience (led by a Tea Captain!) that it is served on Sundays at 2:30 p.m. It is $68 per person and this price is inclusive of taxes, gratuity and valet.

Below is everything you need to know about Tea at TASCHEN!

Regardless of which afternoon tea you want to go in Dallas, I strongly recommend making a reservation at least 2-3 weeks before your visit. I had originally wanted to take my mom and tried to make reservations 1 week in advance and NONE of the 5 afternoon tea venues in Dallas I called had available tables! I was even wait-listed on one with no luck. Finally, Tea at TASCHEN shared with me their next available table and it was 3 weeks from my request, so here we are!

The free valet was a dream come true because parking in downtown Dallas can be a sport in itself. The Joule has its own parking lot which is right next to the Hotel, so it takes no time for the Valet to bring your car.

The Joule is simply gorgeous.  The hotel is housed in a revitalized 1920s neo-Gothic landmark building and the interior is full of dramatic pieces of art. It has so much character and the TASCHEN library, as you will see, is no exception.

I have been fascinated with TASCHEN since I was in High School. Their boldness is second to none and Dallas is so lucky to have a TASCHEN library/bookstore. As you walk into the TASCHEN library, you will be surrounded by a beautiful selection of TASCHEN books. You can walk around and browse all the books. I would suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before afternoon tea starts to allow time for perusing.

Naturally, I was automatically drawn to this beautiful Disney book! The
book is so big, they had to bring me a stool to put it on, and its book
cover comes with handles!

Also, here’s the naughty corner…

During afternoon tea, you can ask the associate to bring you any of the books on the bookshelf and you are free to look through them as you drink your tea and eat petit fleurs!

I mean, who wouldn’t love a side of Monet with your afternoon tea?

Tea at TASCHEN has a slightly different flair than the usual afternoon tea. It is a communal setting, but still has an intimate feel, perhaps due to the limited amount of guests that they allow.

The afternoon tea is led by an amazing Tea Captain that is highly knowledgeable about the teas and food pairings.

Before afternoon tea begins, they will bring out a delicious flute of champagne that they will keep refilling throughout the whole time you are there.

You will get to drink all 3 teas (with refills) and these are high quality gourmet teas. Before they bring out the tea, the Tea Captain will explain the origins of the tea as a little flask of tea leaves is passed around for you to smell. The Tea Captain will suggest the best way to drink it (sugar, milk, none), and which petit fleurs will complement the tea.

We also learned that the menu is seasonal and changes constantly!

I LOVED LOVED all 3 teas, but if I had to pick a favorite one, it had to be the The de Fetes by Mariage Freres, who have been in the tea trading business since 1854! In fact, the Mariage brothers were appointed by the French court to voyage through Madagascar, Persia and India to seek exotic goods (tea included!).

If you love learning about tea like I do, the The de Fetes is a mix of bergamot, vanilla, and Chinese black tea, almost like a more refined version of Earl Gray.

I was chatting with the Tea Captain and there is a place called The Cultured Cup in Dallas where you can have tea testings and try different types of exotic and gourmet teas! I cannot wait to do that! The owner is a Certified Tea Specialist and I think that would be such a great goal in life. But seriously, how I do get certified!? Who needs a CPA when you can be a Certified Tea Specialist!?

If all these petit fleurs were not enough, they also gave us macarons (a.k.a. my favorite desert in the world) at the end!

I totally recommend Tea at TASCHEN if you want a unique outing! Yes, it is pricey, BUT it is very comparable with other high teas in the US, and the price ($68 as of March 2019) includes taxes, tips, and valet parking!

For reservations (required): tea@thejouledallas.com

For private events: jgonzalez@thejouledallas.com

Click here to visit the Joule’s website!

Thank you for reading and for hanging out with me today!


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