What I Wore to Disney World! (All Under $22!)

If I could, I would wear dresses all year long. But as it gets colder here in Dallas, and as I was planning my Disney outfits, I couldn’t help but place an order of dresses right before my Disney trip so I could take advantage of the weather in Orlando.

Disney-worthy dresses mean that it must be super comfortable to wear all day, must allow me to climb in-and-out of all rides without flashing anyone (or it must be able to completely hide my 4 inch biker shorts), and of course, they must photograph well AND be budget friendly!

I have also thrown all the items mentioned in my washer and dryer and NONE OF THEM SHRUNK! (The only dress I didn’t throw in my dryer was the yellow striped one because of the fringes/tassels!)

Y’all! This dress feels SO SO SO soft, it has great stretch to it, AND IT HAS POCKETS!!! I feel that sometimes, dresses with pockets can bulk up where the pockets are if they are sewn correctly. This dress does NOT do that! The pockets lay flat and it does not add inches to my hips.

This dress comes in black, blue, red, green and rose (pictured), and I think I want the blue and black one as well!

Do not let the light color fool you, I am actually wearing black biker shorts underneath so I can freely get in and out of rides, and you cannot see the shorts at all!

2020 Update: My dress is no longer on Amazon, but here are some similar ones!

Another amazing dress! I did size up because there were a lot of reviews stating that it might be a bit short. I am so glad I did because the length is perfect–about 2 inches shorter than the first rose and white striped dress.

The ruffles make this dress super fun to wear and it is so versatile! I am getting this dress in black because it is such a great transition piece–just throw on tights, a plaid scarf, boots, or even a fuzzy white vest, and you will look like the epitome of Fall or Winter!

Soooo… this always happens to me. Orlando weather can be bi-polar, and it can get chilly when the sun goes down. So, clearly the ONLY and BEST way to fix this is to get a cute sweater, right?

Umm so, THE Pocahontas stopped me when I was walking around Animal Kingdom to compliment my dress. If Pocahontas approves, I MUST be doing it right!

I am so impressed by this dress! The material is super similar, if not the same as the first stripped dress. I got SO MANY compliments, and the tassel fringes are SO MUCH FUN to wear! They are not a hindrance–didn’t even notice them!

Stitch approves as well! If you love this dress, DO NOT ORDER THE GRAY PLUS SIZED ONE (NOT linked below) because the material is TOTALLY different! It is stiff and has zero stretch! I decided to order the plus sized one in case the length was better, but the fabric was a huge disappointment.

4. Circle Skirt & Graphic Tee (True to Size!)

I must own 4 of these circle skirts from Amazon. It is so affordable and easy to travel with because they are wrinkle-free! The VOGUE Disney princess shirt is from Etsy and I adore it!!! There is also a VOGUE Disney villain version!

Thank you so much for spending time with me!

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”  -Walt Disney


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