The Cutest Graphic Tees for Fall!

Y’all! I have been so in love with fall graphic sweatshirts and t-shirts lately. It is the perfect PDA for my obsession with fall. Here are some of my favorites so far! Also, please note that 4 out of the 6 items can be monogrammed!

For the Coffee Lovers!

United Monograms Gucci Inspired ‘Coffee’ Crewneck Sweatshirt ($39) | United Monograms ‘Coffee Lover’ Crewneck Sweatshirt ($25)

These are the generic Gildan sweatshirts that are soft and warm on the inside. There are always sales going on in the United Monograms website, and they have THE CUTEST monogram-able apparel!

As you can see, the print is super high quality. I have machine washed and dried them and they still look the same!

For the Halloween Lovers!

Target Fangs Graphic Sweatshirt ($20) | Wildfox Vampire Smiley Sweater (Sold Out =(, but here are other Wildfox options!)

These two are the softest sweaters in this bunch. The Target one is a PJ material that looks like cotton, so you can totally wear it out. The Wildfox sweater is their classic fabric that feels like a soft terry cloth.

For the Fall Lovers!

United Monograms ‘Fall Bucket List’ Long-Sleeve Shirt ($44) | United Monograms Monogrammed Crewneck Sweatshirt ($29)

The back of the Fall Bucket List is EVERYTHING! I totally got it on sale, and as I said before, this website tends to have different items on sale during different weeks so make sure you check constantly!

Also, I just discovered that the little ghost glows in the dark! I mean, that itself would have convinced me.

Now I just need willpower to not buy all the Christmas graphic tees! I think I bought a number of Christmas themed ones last year after the Holidays have passed so they were super on sale. I honestly do not remember which ones I bought since I packed all my Holiday decor and sweaters in a storage box–Y’all, this IS the most wonderful time of the year!

Which ones will you get and do you have any favorite graphic tees!?

Thanks for stopping by!

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