September Favorites!

Happy Fall Y’all! I am excited to share with you my favorite items of the month. These are items that I have used/ate/worn/etc. during the month and that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Here are the 7 items I have LOVED using and/or discovered during the month of September (all items are linked on the numbered titles below):

1. SPA Gel Socks and Gloves

THESE WORK Y’ALL! My hands and feet have been dry these past few weeks so I decided to give these a try. I do not like to lather myself in lotion before going to bed so these 30-minute miracles are amazing! Just put them on after you’ve showered and your hands and feet will LOOK and feel smooth. Also, the socks have cute footprint shaped grips at the bottom so I don’t fall and cry.

You won’t be able to use your phone while you are wearing your gloves because the screen won’t recognize your touch through the gloves, so do not schedule any calls during hand pampering time!

The inside of the glove and socks have a silicone/gel feel material that is infused with vitamin E and mineral oils. However, when you take off the gloves and socks, your skin will NOT be oily at all!

Here’s how the inside of the gloves and socks look:

For immediate gratification, I prefer these SPA socks over the super hyped Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel. Although Baby Feet works and will make your feet baby smooth (more than any other product I have tried, and that includes lathering your feet in Vaseline and wearing socks over it), the SPA socks is way faster and a way cleaner procedure. Let me explain.

Baby Feet is a chemical peel FOR YOUR FEET! Yes, skin WILL actually peel off of your feet. It would be great if it could just peel off all at once right? But NO, it actually peels off little by little during a 2-3 week period so you have to wear socks so you are not shedding everywhere. As gross as it sounds, they are definitely worth a try because they WORK. It has over 8,500 reviews on Amazon and if you are still wondering how your feet will look as your skin peels off, click here to look at the pictures from the Amazon reviews.

I have finally found my Holy Grail nude lipstick that will give me the YOUR-LIPS-BUT-BETTER look!!! Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lives up to its hype–it is the only lipstick that I have tried that enhances the color of your lips in a natural way, it looks like a filter on your lips!

Please watch with grace, as the only product I am wearing below on my face is Pillow Talk! #LazySundayMorning

For a even fuller pout, use the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (or your favorite nude liner), add a tiny bit of your favorite sheer lip gloss to the center of your lip and finish it off by adding your favorite highlight on your cupid’s bow.

For comparison purposes, below are other comparable nude lipsticks that I enjoy using as well.

And here they are again in a different lighting:

If I had to live in one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, this would be it–IT FEELS LIKE WALKING ON A CLOUD. Which obviously, makes you run faster (JK, but really, it does).

In addition to the dreamy cushion, the seamless Primeknit material feels like a sock, so it will stretch, move, and ultimately mold to your feet.

I was debating between the black and pink color but the pink made my heart happier. Also, I might have asked 5 of my closest friends to vote for their favorite one and they all said pink. That’s how I know I made the right decision.

I’m really excited to try other adidas running shoes! Seriously, the last time I wore adidas was in Middle School–they were white with baby pink holographic stripes!

If you wear a women size 7 or below, I have found THE BEST socks for you that do not ride down! I wear a 6.5 in flats, pumps and tennis shoes and these fit perfectly.

The feeling of pulling your socks back into place when they slide off your heel while wearing tennis shoes or sneakers is VERY satisfying, but that is only because the feeling of your sock bunched up at the ball of your feet during every stride while walking or running is one of the most annoying things ever.

I am so happy to have found these low-top socks that are slightly cushioned and most importantly, do not ride down!

I no longer look down at my feet and feel my heart ache because I am only wearing the front half of the sock. Nor do I have to wear socks all the way to my calves to prevent it from riding down!

Also, maybe I have weird feet and no one else has this issue. Nonetheless, these are amazing socks!

I have found an amazing alternative to Nike running shorts at… WALMART! These color-block shorts are super flattering, have great length (4″ inseam), has an under layer, comes in a variety of colors, AND IT IS LESS THAN $10!!!

The Walmart shorts are true-to-size. If you prefer them looser, you can go up a size and it will NOT look baggie. With the Nike shorts, if you want it to fit a bit roomier, there might be extra fabric bulging in front of the shorts. The Walmart shorts will NOT have that effect.

For sizing reference, I wear a size 12 or 32 in jeans, an L or XL in Nike Running shorts, and I got the Walmart shorts in an XL (and yes, I do own one in every color.)

I love Nike running-shorts, but also, Summer seems to never end in Texas so I want to be able have variety in the colors I wear (and I would rather invest in better tights than shorts any day!)

6. Seasonal Items at Trader Joe´s

Nothing bad can happen at Trader Joe´s–their people are so friendly, they have delicious food, great products, gorgeous and affordable flowers, AND it is less than 2 miles from my house. I go to Trader Joe’s about 1-3 times a week and have SO MANY favorite items that I probably have to do a whole separate post about them.

Hello, my name is Kiki and I am obsessed with Trader Joe´s.

For the month of September, and I am about to cheat because there is a tie for this month, I have been obsessing over their fall colored flowers and apple cider donuts! You know I had to add an edible favorite because food is life.

I know apple cider donuts are a huge thing up north, but it is not that popular here in Texas. After asking a ton of people, I finally found them at Trader Joe’s! They were actually not on display and when I asked the first Crew Member, she had to think about it for a moment until she remembered trying them during one of their taste test. Luckily, they had some in the back!!!

Y’all! These apple cider donuts are so good! The taste of apple and cinnamon are very faint and it will not empower your taste buds. It tastes as if these donuts grew up in an orchard–it is the epitome of fall!

Texas fall can be tricky, we often skip it and head straight to winter. I try my best to embrace seasonal living and enjoy the different things each season has to offer, but because I live in Texas, I will take anything that makes me enjoy fall for a little longer.

Bath and Body Works has, hands down, the best selection of seasonal candles.

I am half way through my second Harvest Gathering candle and I just recently discovered this candle about three weeks ago. This is what fall smells like–a warm apple and spice scent! I am pretty impressed with the throw, it makes my whole living room smell cozy.

TIP: Always wait for a candle sale. I swear it happens once a month or once every two months so there is no need to ever pay full price for them. Every time there is a candle sale, check the online store or your mailbox so see if there is a coupon. More often than not, there will be a $ or % off coupon for either in-store or online purchases.

If you love to shop online, you MUST download the Ebates app on your browser! I NEVER shop without it and I have saved money on items that are never on sale. Ebates offers cash back in a ton of online stores. For example, Sephora always has cash back and it can rank between 3% all the way to 12%. Same with Neiman Marcus, Saks, Macys, Lululemon, Amazon, and a ton of other stores that carry brands that do not go on sale. I have even used it for plane tickets and hotels since Expedia often has 10% cash back through Ebates!

It is SO easy and user-friendly to use and it does not add any extra time to your shopping nor does it alter your shopping experience. Once you download Ebates onto your browser, you will see a little icon on the right side of your browser window. It will alert you if the website you are in has cash back, and it will look green when the cash back is activated. 

Ebates will send you cash every quarter through your PayPal account, a check to your address, or a gift card. If you choose a gift card from a participating store, they will usually add a minimum of 10% extra cash onto it!

Click here if you would like to learn more and signing up is free! Just give it a try and you will wonder why you never used it before!

Finally, I would love to hear what your favorites were during the month of September!

Thank you for spending some time with me!

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