10 Amazon.com Must-Haves for Every Traveler!

I am a light packer who is constantly searching for new ways to minimize bulk without compromising essential travel must-haves.

Whether you are taking a day-trip or going on a month-long expedition, the following travel accessories are, in my opinion, essential travel companions.

Before I show you the amazing products, I would like to share that I grew up in the vibrant city of Mexico City, where the only deliverable mail were bills. So imagine my excitement when I moved to the US for college and was introduced to Amazon Prime. I am happy to say that Amazon Prime and I are have been in a committed relationship since 2005 (13 years!).

Please note that I am a proud participant of the Amazon Associates program and the Amazon links below are affiliated links, which means that as an Amazon Associate, I will earn a commission from qualifying purchases (which will probably go towards my Amazon shopping addiction so I can share with y’all more items that are worth purchasing!).
Let’s get started!

The Midori Traveler’s Notebook in passport size barely adds any bulk and I use it to hold: 2 passports, a notebook, boarding pass, some paper currency and coins, and other cards that I might need while traveling.

I first learned about the Midori system about six years ago when I was introduced into the planner community with my first Erin Condren planner. Little did I know that I was about to join a cult and I never looked back. #PlannerGeek #OrganizeAllTheThings

I could do a whole post on how I use the Midori traveler’s notebook, but for now, I’ll just leave you with a couple of pictures of the set up I had during my trip in June.

This extremely portable (3.6in x 2.3in x 0.9in) power bank is by far the best performing external battery that I have ever used.

I have purchased 4 of these power banks because every time I travel with someone, they fall in love with it and I gift it to them at the end of the trip. I am pretty sure every single person in my family owns one and we are always amazed at how our iPhones are able to go from 1% to 50% in 30 minutes. It can complete about 3-4 full charges, and it only weights 6.35oz (180g).

The power bank comes in 3 colors. I have only purchased the white one because I like the look of it. It does tend to get a bit dirty after every trip, but I just wipe the smudges off!

Whether you are planning to rent a car or use it on your own car, this universal air vent magnetic holder is a must-have! The magnet is super powerful and it holds an iPhone Plus with no issue.

The magnetic air vent mount usually comes with a couple of black metal plates to be placed on the back of your phone. If you have a clear phone case and OCD like me about matching the metal plates to the color of your phone, you can separately purchase different color metal plates.

If you look closely at the picture below, there is a clear sticker underneath the rose gold metal plate. After ordering different types of metal plates, I finally found a plate that comes with a non-residue sticker.

First, you put the clear sticker on your phone, then stick the adhesive side of the metal plate on the clear sticker. This will prevent the metal plate from being permanently stuck on your phone, and it will prevent the adhesive from leaving residue on your phone when peeled off.

In the magnetic air vent’s description, it states that placing a phone case on top of the metal plate will decrease its magnetic power. However, if you use a slim case, you will be totally fine. I always have a case on and I have never had issues with the strength of the magnet.

I know in my heart that nothing will ever replace the feel of a physical book. However, I cannot deny how pleasant it is to have a 7oz. library readily available in the palm of your hands.

To all of my bed-readers out there–even though I love the look of the new Kindle Oasis, its sleek aluminum body can be hard to grip. Despite the fact that they have an ergonomic design, if you are like me and love reading in bed, I must warn you that the Kindle has fallen on my face a couple of times. But fear not because… HELLO POP SOCKETS!

Maybe it only happens to me, but why risk it? Put a pop socket on it!

My favorite Kindle of all times is the Paperwhite because it has a great grip and the text looks just as crisp and beautiful. I gave my Paperwhite to my mom because she wanted to try out a Kindle since carrying Anna Karenina around was feeling more like cardio.

By the way, the Kindle and the external battery mentioned above uses the same charging cable! So you only need to bring one cable with you when traveling.

All hotels are created differently and so are the locations of their plugs. If you would like to move around while your phone is charging, or you rented a 10 person van and want your friend on the last row to be the DJ while his phone is charging, or you want the freedom to turn your body to the cold side of the bed while looking at your phone, then you need a long charging cable.

This travel adapter has different input plugs for more than 150 countries. Please check the description on Amazon to make sure the country you are visiting is listed!

This little box is very compact and has 2 USB ports as well! Please note that in general, adapters like this cannot convert electrical voltage. However, if you check the plug of the device you are trying to charge, chances are, it can be used under different voltages. You will still need this converter if your charging plug is different than the country you are visiting.

If you have a certain lotion or cream product that you MUST bring with you, these silicone containers are the best! The silicone is very flexible so you can actually get every single drop of product out of the container. It also has a no drip valve where the product squeezes out from, and the wide mouth is super easy to refill!

These drawstring bags with a clear PVC window are a game changer! They are great quality, keeps your shoes from touching your clothes, and they are thin enough that it does not take up extra space. I love the PVC window, and depending on the type of shoe, you can fit 2 pairs in one bag–no more Target bags as shoe travel bags for me!

Please note that the bags come in two sizes–I am a 6.5 and I got the medium sized bags.

During a trip to DC, I used this scarf as a blanket to keep me cozy aboard a chilly early morning flight, as a picnic blanket as we ate in the mall across Lincoln Memorial, as an actual scarf as part of my outfit, and finally rolled up as a pillow for my evening flight back to Dallas.

I feel like everyone and their mother has this plaid scarf and in this case, it is for a good reason. I got mine in my Fall 2016 FabFitFun box (picture below). It was my first box and if you’ve read my previous FabFitFun posts, you will know that I swear by this box.

If you would like to learn more about this seasonal subscription box and how to receive more than $300 worth of items for $49.99 OR $39.99 (if it is your first box), please click here.

Y’all! I use these water based wipes for so many different things: taking my make-up off, cleaning my hands, wiping down any of my belongings that got dirty during my travels, cleaning stains on my clothing, cleaning surfaces, etc. IT IS AMAZING.

I had originally purchased the wipes because a lot of purse collectors had recommended this specific one to clean the dirt out of delicate leather purses. The wipes were so gentle that I began to use it for everything and now I must take them with me when I travel!

See that little crossbody purse I have beside me? That is all I carry when I am out-and-about when traveling. I don’t remember the last time I regretted not carrying a certain item. Traveling light has helped me realize that we are more creative and spontaneous than what we give ourselves credit for!

Please leave a comment down below of the items that you consider a travel must-have! I would LOVE to hear about them!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

With a thankful heart,

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  1. KIKI! I follow you on Instagram and saw your 10 Must-Haves for Travel. AMAZING post!!! Can’t wait to get some of these items for my next trip and looking forward to reading your other blog posts!!! YOU ARE SO FUN!!!

    • Naomi! Your message meant the world to me. Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving me such a sweet note. Sending you a huge hug and I can’t wait to see the pictures of your next travels! <3

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