Lilly Pulitzer 2018 After Party Sale Haul!

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is finally here! It only happens twice a year and lasts three days every time. The sale began this weekend in-stores only. The online sale will start on Monday 9/10 at 7am CST. The items DO SELL OUT and the best way to prepare is to create an account beforehand and add your payment information–we do not want your items to evaporate from your cart before you’ve had a chance to check out!

The deals are AMAZING–look what I scored today at the store!

1. Lilly Pulitzer Parigi Dress in Bennet Blue-Let's Mango Engineered.
Retail: $178
After Party Sale:$49

The Parigi Dress is more than 70% off!!! I got a Large in this dress. It is true to size but I would recommend sizing down if you are in between sizes!

I just LOVE how this dress fits and the fabric is thick but not heavy, and wrinkle-free! The knee length Pagiri dress has elbow length kimono sleeves, a ruched waistband, and a surplice neckline (just a fancy way to say that the V-shaped neckline is created by two pieces of fabric that is placed diagonally to meet in the chest).

I love how the back of the dress mimics the front and you can easily sew the cross a bit higher if your bra shows!

2. Lilly Pulitzer Zaylee Top in Multi So Sofishticated!
Retail: $98
After Party Sale: $29

Another incredible piece for 70% off!!! The Zaylee top is very generous in size, I would recommending sizing down, and I am wearing a size Medium.

I adore this printed off the shoulder top with drapey lace sleeves!!!

I might go back tomorrow and get the other print of this shirt. One of my favorite features is that the interior part the off shoulder comes with an extra elastic that sits on your arm to prevent the sleeves from riding up!

Lilly had SO MUCH great stuff!

The stores opened today at 9am CST and I went to the one at Northpark Center (Dallas, TX) at 10:10am. They only let X amount of people in at a time and as people came out, they would let the same amount in. I loved this because the store never looked full and you were able to walk around without it being chaotic.

I was in and out of the store in 20 minutes because I had to go to a friend’s baby shower. It was a breeze and I can’t wait to go back there tomorrow so I have more time to look at everything! Stay tuned for a part II!

What did you get at the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale???

Thank you for stopping by!
Love, Kiki

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