Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte 2018 Debut Date & Michaels Fall Decor!

CALLING ALL PSL LOVERS!!! Our beloved PSL will make its 2018 debut on 8/28/18!

For the last two years, PSL has had an early release date of 9/1 in the US. The earliest US release date was on 8/24 in 2014. Last year, Starbucks did the cutest pumpkin patch hatch video on release day and I can’t want to see what they do this year.

Starbucks did, however, create a “secret” Facebook group called the Leaf Rakers Society and it is dedicated to CELEBRATING FALL ALL YEAR LONG. Dreams do come true, y’all!

I am all about enjoying the present, but there is just something so magical about fall. Between the warm-toned leaves, and cozy decor, fall has always felt like the perfect time for new beginnings. So make some hot cocoa, crank up your AC, grab a blanket, and let’s pick out some fall decor!

Today, I walked into Michaels and was welcomed by this amazingness. EVERYTHING is adorable. I know that fall doesn’t begin until 9/22, but planning is the key to success right?

Here’s a peek of what they have in stores right now!

I absolutely adore hanging these wooden decors on the outside of my house. I have one for every season/holiday and reuse them every year.

HOW CUTE ARE THESE PUMPKINS? Which look do you prefer: cozy flannel or crystal glam?

I wanted to touch everything! Twice.

These wooden signs with the bow would look so cute in a bookshelf or on the fireplace!

PAUSE RIGHT NOW, and take a moment to…

Pumpkins everywhere!!!

…and baskets!


Who doesn’t heart quotes!? #neverenough


I would love to know which ones were your favorites and what is your favorite thing about fall? Also, what is your favorite PSL order!? Mine is an Iced-Venti-PSL-Soymilk-extra shot!-2 Pumps of PS. How about you? Thank you so much for stopping by!

With a grateful heart,

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